We label our videos 1, 2 or 3.

This reflects the general complexity of the book and video.

The book, and video, are short.  The language is simple, and repetition of sentences is common.

The book, and video, are a bit longer.  The subject matter is a bit more grown up and the language a little more complex.

The video may be more lengthy, and may feature only part of a longer book.  The language, subject matter and ideas are more complex.

Postman Bear

Gather round for Postman Bear story time!


We’re super proud to share our first Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler book, presented by the fabulous Carlyss.

Our focus words today are 'post', 'open', 'inside' and 'cooking'.  Lots of lovely clips of rascals big and small bringing our learning adventure to life!

That's not my monkey

Another day, another video!  Your friend Katie is back, and she's got 'That's not my monkey' to share with you.

This is another fab touchy feely book from Usborne.  We learn the words 'monkey', 'hairy' and 'feet', and Katie shares her favourite page with us.

There are some fab clips of cheeky monkeys, hungry monkeys, hairy caterpillars, guinea pigs - whatever next?!

Dinosaur Rocket

Today, Katie's blasting into space with 'Dinosaur Rocket'!​

This is an exciting story all about dinosaurs going to the moon in a rocket, but only for enough time to play a few games and mess about before coming home.

We learn the words 'rocket', 'climbing' and 'waiting', with some spectacular footage of a real rocket lifting off.


But what will Katie's favourite page be today?

That's not my dinosaur

This is one of the best 'That's not my' books out there.  Who doesn't love a spectacular but extinct giant that can do you no harm?

Of course, we learn the word 'dinosaur', but also 'teeth' and 'soft'.  Another three for our vocabulary - isn't it growing fast?

We know you'll enjoy sharing this story.

Quack Quack!

Another Stories with Symbols video.  This time, your pal Katie is reading the colourful lift-the-flap book, 'Quack Quack!'

This book is great for learning prepositions ('behind', 'in', 'under'), and 'behind' is one of our vocab focus words, along with 'duck' and 'leaf'.

We hope you like it!

That's not my panda

Where's my panda gone? There are lots of the fluffy rascals about, but which one is mine?

Our first Stories with Symbols video is still one of our favourites - we hope you'll love it too.  There is even a clip of a real panda in the video - can you find it?

These stories are great for repetition - a great tool for learning new words and ideas.

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